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WHS 2011 USB boot failing?


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Hi - looking for some help on why my Gen8 has decided to play fickle on booting up.

Confifguration was based on a guide I read to move the bootloader from the disks to a combination of an SD card in the USB/SD card slot and then the SSD fitted in the ODD slot. I'm certain it was a guide on here.


The 32GB SD card  (it was what I had to hand at the time despite only needing about 125MB of space on the SD card!) only has the EFI folder and a BootMGR.EFI folder on it. This boots first then hands over to the SSD to complete the OS load of WHS 2011


I then have a number of 3.5" disks in the slots which have all my data on. At bootup the controllers can see all the installed disks - SSD, WD Reds and the SD card.


The USB is still working if I read it in my other machine and it has been booting fine when the server has had the occassional reboot over the last couple of years!


After a power failure this morning the server keeps going into a look and not managing to boot the normal sequence and ends up in booting from NIC loop.


Any ideas?


Tried to search for the guide to see if I can recreate another USB/SD boot media - but it does seem fine as I can read the card in my other machine.

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hmm - left the server unplugged for about 10 minutes, plugged it in and let it come up on it's own and all's good? Seems to be some sort of issue when it tries to reboot a few times in succession.


Wonder if I should move the bootloader from the SD card to a proper USB stick and use that slot instead?

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Might need to look to update that - think I last ran the HP update ISO back in April this year.


We're an HPE partner so I should be able to get a Service Pack ;)


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