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Helzy's Buy/Sell/Trade Thread


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Hi all, hey I can't seem to find a forum user function to delete a post, so in the interest of not starting eleventy-billyun threads for selling items I'll post here and update this thread moving forward. I've been working through cleanup on the tickle trunk and before dropping the hammer on a server purchase it occurred to me that there may be interest here in a trade.


First- I am interested in acquiring an HPE Proliant ML30 preferably a performance version but without any drives ideally I would like to get my hands on a unit with the E3-1240v5 / 64GB of RAM (KVR21E15D8/16 x4 would be sufficient) / Redundant PSU ( no common slot psu's required as long as the cage and cabling was in place) and either the 4LFF or 8SFF hot swap tray (with power cabling).


I propose a trade if there is interest. I have a new in box Qnap TVS-682:






I'm not certain if the values equate but would be open to discussion.

Let me know if there is any interest,


More to follow, I have a bunch of stuff I want to clear out here in the next short while.


Thanks for looking!

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Want to note I also have for horse trading:


-2x Qnap 1GB memory upgrade SODIMMS new in box:






-2x HP Smart Array P410 controllers with 512MB cache and Batteries uncrtain what FW revs:






-1 gently used HP MediaVault Pro MV5100 with 2x 1TB Seagate drives:








-1x Drobo Mini no drives but includes psu, cable, and the option cary case:






And more to come...

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more stuff
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Merggh either google or the forum isn't allowing me to post an image of the Drobo mine. grrr

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More stuff, not much more to come. No I am not a store, my wife calls me a hardware fiend. sigh I suppose I am but I rarely ever use any of these units anymore and it galls the wife, hopefully someone here may have interest. anyway let me know and here is most of the rest of my treasure trove...


Ok more stuff:

-1 x HP Elitebook 2710P KR933UT#ABA


This one is upgraded from the specs noted in the model description, it has:

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
The 1.8" HDD was replaced with an 128GB Runcore SSD (1.8" PATA ZIF)
I used to run a 3G HP Gobi card in it, and can probably rustle that Gobi up if desired, personally I think it is a waste of time now as hot-spotting is much more efficient nevermind faster.




-1 x HP Elitebook 2730P FN053UT#ABA


I upgraded this one as well with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and replaced the 1.8" mechanical drive with a 1.8" Intel 160GB SSD. I think it was from a Lenovo but I bought the drive a couple years ago off Fleabay.




-1 x HP Z230 Workstation Xeon E3-1245v3 F1L56UT#ABA


I've upgraded this one to:
Windows 10 (Windows 7 Pro is still sitting on the 1TB storage drive)
HP 128GB S700 Pro for the system drive (not the 120GB non pro version without the dram buffers)
AMD FirePro W7000 4GB Video card
LG Bluray Super Multi re-writer






-1 x Qnap 839S Pro Turbo Nas


Has 8x 500GB WD Black drives, recently reset 2TB in RAID 10






-1 x M$ Surface Pro 2 - i5 4200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Dock and power cable



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