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SSD Raid Setup Advice


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Hi there,


I am looking to get 2x512GB SSDs on a black friday deal with converters.

As i understand i need to put these in slot 1 and 2 run them in Raid 0 so if they are 6Gbps each does that mean they will run at 12Gbps concurrently and also double the read/write speed?


I currently have a 1TB SATA Disk running on b120i Smart controller so will i lose the ESXi i am running on it, Is there a way i can restore it all on the SSD's or better off clean installing?

Can anyone recommend which brand SSDs and specs i should be looking at?


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Did you get SSD's on Black Friday? RAID0 is really fast, but if you lose one drive you lose it all. The first two bays on the MS Gen8 SATA 6Gb/s. Are you booting ESXi from a drive or USB? You should be able to move your VM's off the current drive and bring them back to the new SSD's.

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