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Gen8 CPU Fans Installation

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Hi all,


New to the forum so hello all :D


I wrote about this in much more detail on my blog here with instructions.


I recently installed dual fans on my Gen 8 heatsink after installing the Intel Core i3 3240 processor. Installing the i3 processor gave me a huge increase in performance but came at a cost. That cost being heat and a lot of it. So I ordered some 30x30 fans and installed them onto the heatsink. 


I was extremely careful of placement. Putting anything in the middle of the heatsink fins (anything holding the fans) could cause heat spots and that's not something I wanted the put my new processor through. So I managed to cable tie the fans to the screws holding the heatsink to the motherboard. Again being careful as to not apply too much pressure to the screws.


The fans are rather stable seeing as just two cable ties are holding it down. The method works very well and I am really impressed with it. I have seen a huge 20°C decrease in temperature readings when the server is at full CPU load.


I thought I would share this method as other people might be interested in. 




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only 30mm fan can mount on the original heat sink, just like steventon's setup

if you want to use NF's 40mm, you can stick 2 under the drive cage

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This works:



You can only screw down two of the opposite mounting screws, but it's tight enough. You also need to bend off one of the mounting points on the heatsink (top left here) with some pliers because they touch some capacitors.


You can also do this:



But it requires doing this:


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