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Looking for Advice 2 or 3U Rackmount Server Case with 12 Hot-Swappable SATA/SAS Drive Bays

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19 hours ago, itGeeks said:

@scruffters, I agree with schoon nice find. I got all excited about this Ablecom CR-R26 case till I was reading the specs, It looks like it only supports ATX motherboards and I have a MicroATX. Can you confirm it will support my motherboard? Also I don't see it offerd in the US, Can you confirm it's sold in the US?? I would purchase this case in a heart beat if you can confirm the above. I really want to build everything into a single case to eliminate a failure point on my build.


I think it does support MicroATX, the link here seems to suggest so..



Most of the other supermicro/Ablecom stuff supports at least ATX and MicroATX, although generally only MiniITX on the 1U and speciality chassis. Apparently the CS-R25/26 supports all three!


I'm not sure about availability though - thats something you'd have to look into. I moaned at my supermicro partner here in the UK beacusenot readily available, but some places did have stock for a while.



19 hours ago, itGeeks said:

@scruffters, Whats wrong with the U-NAS cases? What are you doing that these cases would not handle? I would use the U-NAS cases in a heart beat if I was not trying to build a rack mount solution.


The enclosure would work fine, but I work in the storage industry (post production/M&E) and have one eye on up/coming comsumer technology.


Generally the U-NAS stuff is fine  for home use, but the one I had to look at felt pretty cheap.


Finally there was a solution from Brontastor that looked pretty neat, but I don't know where/if you can get those now...



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