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p222 initialisation time + ssa web interface on linux


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Hello gang,


It's been a while!


Couple of questions....


1) Just popped a used P222 in my microserver and created a RAID5 array using 4x 4TB ironwolf HDDs. I'm using Rapid Initialisation, but it  seems to be running slower than I remember. The P222 firmware is 8.00 and so far it's taken about 3 hours to do 25%, which is not horrific, but I swear the P222 I had a couple of years ago was a lot faster! For completeness, I've got caching enabled, FWBC is connected and charged, transformation priority = high and rebuild priority = high.


2) I've installed ssa from the HP repo. I'm on Ubuntu 16.04, but can't seem to locate the service via it's web interface.


AFAIK it should come up at http://IP:2301. The service was started using...

ssa -start

...but I can't access it using my web browser :huh:


FWIW I find HP/E's shenanigans annoying RE documentation/moving repos/siloing firmware behind a paywall ..even though I bought their bloody hardware.







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PS. I will run SAAP tomorrow because some of the firmware is out of date and I noticed that some kind soul has put up a link. I can't imagine this will change anything though.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 22.28.26.png

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Thanks for the reply Schoondoggy!


I'm running the 512 module with FWBC.


Init. finished after around 18 hours.


Bonnie benchmarks show the storage to behave similarly to the last time I had this config. Around 500MB/s read and write.



I'm kind of aware that almost a day to rapid init a RAID5 is not unreasonable, but I remember this was faster last time.


...maybe I have a bad memory :)


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