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Any RSS readers better for video podcasts than Miro?

Joshua B

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A big part of my TV watching is internet video, and a big percentage of my internet video consumption is video podcasts. Is there a better program for watching video podcasts via a home theater PC on a big screen TV than Miro?


It must:

(1) Download most recent unwatched episodes automatically.


(2) Most recent episodes must be at the top of the list, no matter what feed they're part of.

For example, if the most recent episodes in today's downloads are HD Nation and Podsurf TV, those episodes should show up at the top of my list of unwatched shows. I don't want to have to look through folders.


(3) Must easily go to full screen.


(4) Must automatically watched shows after a certain time period. Miro let's you choose when.


(5) Must have a 10 foot interface.


These are some great things about Miro. But is there anything better? Thanks!

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For (4), I meant to write, "Must automatically delete watched shows after a certain time period. Miro let's you choose when.

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I have to chime in here, because I too am looking for the same things you are. I also have a Tivo, and I have to admit that Tivo handles video podcasts superbly. The reason is because it treats a video podcast just like any other recording. So you go and setup a "season pass" for Tekzilla (for example), and it automatically downloads the podcast and puts it in your recorded TV folder. Organized by date, auto-expire, etc, etc - just like a TV show. The Internet TV application in Windows Media Center seems really cumbersome by comparison because it's streaming only, and you have to go wading through menus and categories just to get to the one you want to watch. For as feature-rich as media center is, I'm surprised they didn't implement internet TV in the same way Tivo did which is much more logical and usable.

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