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Hi All, i have an HP N40L with 4 drives and 16gb of RAM which now i mainly use as a file/media server with plex and my PCs...nothing too fancy. I run Ubuntu Desktop on it and, headless managed via VNC, even though performance isn't great it still copes.


I saw that the new Gen 10  is out and currently the 2-cores version with 8gb of RAM are very cheap and so I am considering upgrading.


Would the performance increase, still talking about the 2 core version, be so good that I could use the server as a kodi-based media player too?I guess it will need some sort of a remote then.


Could i just move my HDDs to the new server (including the one with the OS) and get away with it or would it need a re-install?


The 4 cores version is twice the price and way over my budget, i would get an android-TV box at that stage.


What do you guys think?



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Gen7 N40L AMD Tution 2 - have 916 score by passmark

Gen10 AMD X3216(2cores) - have 2498

So very good upgrade.

i use CentOS7, its works very smooth.


Also here 2 display ports, i put my microserver direcrly into HD projector.

FullHD video 1920x1080 works, but VLC use 60% CPU.

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Thx. Do you have the 2 cores version? What do you sue for booting? Would a 2.5" hdd fit in the top bay or could you boot ubuntu from a usb stick?


My n40l is very slow at copying files across drives...I think it is the CPU, how is the Gen10 behaving on file copying, do you transcode?



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Yes i have 2 cores version

i buy ODD Bay and SSD and install this into  top bay.

CentOS installed on SSD, why you want boot fom usb stick?


at this moment i have one 3Tb WD Red HDD , so i cant tell how fast it in copying across drives, but copying between ssd and hdd very fast

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Thanks for the reply. I am thinking of either this 3216 gen 10 or a dell poweredge t30 with a xeon cpu...which seems to be quite cheap and definitely more powerful but I am concerned of the noise levels and power consumption as the CPU is rated at 80W. It says it can take 6 drives wit han expansion kit but it is unclear of where to get one separately.



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