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Are we stuck without a RHEL/CentOS 7.4 HPVSA driver?


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After restarting my server recently, I realised that my CentOS had updated to 7.4, and with it, the kernel updated from 3.10.0-327 to 3.10.0-693. The change was particularly noticeable, since my system would no longer boot. The issue is with the HPVSA driver, and is documented by others at:




The final link shows a discussion on the HPE forums, where "Jimmy Vance" says that HPE is working on a new driver; however I haven't found any other information online about this. The second link shows a Reddit discussion, where "5ilver" suggests to "build a new initrd that includes them in the preboot environment. And or run depmod" – but I don't know how to do this.


Does anyone have any additional information on this situation, or is everyone waiting and crossing their fingers? I understand that SATA AHCI mode is an acceptable fallback in the end.

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AFAIK Jimmy Vance works for HP so his information should be accurate. I'm not sure if initrd trick would work. I tried running 7.4 installer with 7.3 driver, it loads but kernel panics shortly afterwards, so it seems that the driver just isn't compatible with new kernel.


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Not sure with CentOS and i have not dabbled with REHL since i started with ESX (no i) which was a cut-down version of RHEL. for RHEL could you not use the driver from ESXi now?


if I'm way off the mark, just put me back in my box.

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