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system time & raid card's port/bay number


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I'm re-structuring my old gen8 from 2012R2 to VM ESXi, and I found 2 strange things...


1) system time:

no matter how many times or how I set the system time, I still couldn't set to correct time zone (GMT+8), but the system only shows CTU time

I tried to set under i) BIOS, ii) iLO SNTP, or iii) iLO under IP, all returned to CTU time

* I replaced a new battery & only HH is unable to set




2) raid card's port/bay number

I bought my p420 long time already , and don't aware that the bay number for port 1 & port 2 are swapped, is that normal? :lol:

what I assume is... port 1, bay 1,2,3,4; port 2, bay 5,6,7,8, but now is port 1, bay 5,6,7,8; port 2, bay 1,2,3,4





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