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Harmony Ultimate Remote - RF Control - Black $139.99 & Multiple Remotes Compared


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Harmony Ultimate Remote - RF Control - Black



Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 8.00.42 AM.png

We have been talking Harmony Remote in several threads and I thought I would put this deal out there.  It's an Amazon Lightning Deal.  Normal price is $299.99, but I'm sure that's retail.


Last month we were discussing this remote.


It's only $79.  Discussed on this thread:

I'm thinking of picking it up to control my outdoor TV by the Pool.  Now, the screen remote for a few $ more is intriguing me! I'll let you guys chime in on the differences!


Here is the thread with the remote I'm using. 


It's the companion remote at $144.


This thing is fantastic.  It has changed everything in our TV room! Love the Alexa integration too.  Alex, turn of the TV, pause the TV, etc.  Works great.

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I have both the touch and the companion remote.


The touch is nice with the screen as you can do more on it.  But I don't really configure or do anything on the screen itself.  I find myself still just using my computer to configure it.


That being said, I actually prefer the companion remote without the touch screen because I find the response much faster.  The touch I constantly find myself hitting buttons more than once because there is a delay in response when it wakes up.


I also really hate hitting numbers on the touch screen.  It always seems to change screens.  The physical numbers buttons on the companion remote are so much better to use. 


In the end it also comes down to how complex your entertainment systems are.  I've simplified my setup to have as few devices as possible now.


My ultimate remote would have the buttons from the companion, with a back light (as it doesn't currently have) and a touch screen that I can add extra commands on.


Just some food for thought.

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