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Power management in windows 10 pro with Gen10


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Hi, Guys,

    I post here for help. I've got my Gen10. I've installed Windows 10 pro on it. Everything goes fine except one thing. the power management. The windows 10 pro insists that the power management cannot work. I tried 'powercfg -a'. The output told me all the power management in windows 10 pro is not working because of 'system firmware not supported'. I've upgraded windows 10 pro to latest version. I've installed all the drivers provided by HPE, such as amd chipsets, graphics and boardcom.  I've tried HPE chat service in their website, one support told me windows 10 is not supported!! If so, why HPE provide drivers for windows 10? I'll try to ask HPE again. Anyway, I want to try my luck here. How about you? do you in any case, have one windows 10 installed in your gen10? what about your power management?

thanks in advance...

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thanks for your reply, itx.

1 hour ago, itx said:

Looks like its impossible



p.s. Windows server 2016 supported, but here also no power managment

you're right probably, I think.  I've tried evaluation version of windows server 2016, too.  I'm, now, sure that windows 10, windows server 2016 ( at least essential version ) doesn't support too much power management.  And in bios, there is no ACPI options either. You cannot set your server into hibernation state. Anyway, the power saving policy still works, disk could be slow down, display could be shut-off and etc. I don't try any linux. If anybody have installed a linux, any comments are welcome.

I think HPE wants it to be a server, so they keep Gen10 always on. :huh:

Any way, according to my test, with four 3.5' HDD. the power consumption is about 15w when it is not working. [about 42w when normal working load]. So totally it is acceptable for me.

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I hit the same issue, spent a day worth on researching. If this device does not sleep, then Wake on LAN isn't possible either, right?

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