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There appears to be some sort of bug that is going to prevent FreeNAS installing, at boot you will get an error message and the system will just hang. From what I have read I think its related to the GPU.


Anyway the fix is to hit the 'e' at the grub screen and add the following line, you can hopefully work out where it should go:


set kFreeBSD.hw.pci.realloc_bars="1


The above line should have a double quote after the 1, for some reason it is being removed.


Hit ctrl+x and it should boot and install.


Once installed at the reboot you will need to do this again.


The system goes through some sort of one time boot process and you will see a bunch of python errors, I think its maybe a service not starting. Once fully booted, reboot again, again interrupting the boot and adding the above line. The system should now boot cleanly without error.


Once in the GUI, to save having to do this at each boot, add a tunable like in the image. You should now be able to reboot as normal.





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