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OSRAM Lightify with SmartThings


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This is why I can't get anything done.  As soon as I start a project I have to blog about it!


I was at Lowe's the other day picking up LED bulbs for inside the house and was starting to explore lighting for outside.  I have 3 outdoor areas that have can lighting and I wanted to replace those bulbs with something that would eliminate critters from crawling up into the can and living in my house.  mud daubers, wasps, bats, yes bats.  Lowe's has a ton of these things.  Pull out the old bulb, screw in a bulb thing that has a wire on it and shove in a new LED fixture.  (see photos) . They are basically $10 each.  I had them in the cart.  Then I saw the sale tag on the OSRAM Lightify bulb.  Same philosophy for replacing a can bulb but these have some smarts in them.


Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.19.03 AM.png



How many times have you done this? In the store, researching the project and compatibility.  I find out, that SmartThings supports the bulb without having to buy the OSRAM hub.  Which is only $25 BTW but still!  Out of the box supported.  These things were marked down to $10 each!  Same price as what I had in the cart and I don't have to buy a $35 GE smart switch and install the stupid thing.  They are "wet" rated too.


On top of that, it's white tunable and dimmable at each color temperature!  My hope is I can tune it to a more yellow hue so it doesn't look like a super bright white LED on my front porch.  Dim it down if I need to.


It's on Amazon for $28.06.  http://amzn.to/2zokEEm  Honestly, if you have a project like I'm doing it's completely worth that price.  I say that having not put them in yet.  I hope my tune does not change.


You can also get it in RGBW.  How cool would that have been to put it in orange for halloween?


I wanted to link you to the bulb at Lowe's but I can't find it.  I think Sylvania bought this brand? All I know is the 6 boxes that I purchased had MAJOR levels of dust on them.  


It's natively supported and the SmartThings pairing was lighting fast too.  I've never had anything pair that quickly.






I'm using a house lamp to test.






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Dang.  You got a killer deal on those smart lights!  I always look for stuff like that on sale at Lowe's and HD but never seem to find it.  Unfortunately I've already replaced my can lighting with non-smart LEDs so I'm going to go the way of replacing the light switches with smart ones.

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If only I could find the GE switch for $9.99!  These things must be discontinued or something odd.  I can't find them in Lowe's system.  I have all I need but I do have one area that has the smaller spots in can lighting.  I need to go measure to see if this 5 to 6" would fit in there.  Would be nice to have 5 more if so.

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Another update:


This is a side porch so it is very far away from any other zigbee device.  Once installed it was out of range.  If I had to purchase another lamp module to use as a repeater it wouldn't be a big deal. BUT, I was digging around and found an old SmartThings motion sensor.

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 2.41.29 PM.png


The first gen sensors have a micro usb power port.  On battery it is a motion sensor.  On power it is that AND a repeater.  I did some swapping around, found a good place to hide it, and now it is powered up and earning its keep.  Notice the old Nokia charger.  I knew that would be good for something someday.


The last chapter.  Sync.


I was worried about syncing when i put it in and have found one potential issue.


Light Off.  You can turn it on via the standard wall switch.  App changes states and reports it as on.

        Issue 1 - If it was turned OFF via the app you have to toggle the wall switch twice to turn it on.

Light On.  If you turn it OFF via the wall switch it does not change states in the app. App reports on.


I have not put any automations on it.  I need to think through this a few days to see if this is going to work or not.  Regardless, I have a tuneable white light for the price of a regular LED kit.  I'm still ahead on this one!

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