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Drive controller for external Sans Digital TR4X endclosure


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I'm going to discontinue using my HP ML10 V2 because it's too noisy. I don't have a server room with A/C and weather wise it's always pretty warm around here. When the server is working away the system fan spins up accordingly.


I'm going to use the external SansDigital TR4x enclosure I have attached to it and install the 4 4TB drives I have in the server now in the enclosure. This enclosure uses a SFF-8088 mini SAS connector. I use drive pool so don't need hardware raid.


I'm looking for a reasonably priced recommendation. I'm going to be installing the controller in a Win10 Pro machine with an ASUS Maximus Gene VI motherboard.


I'm guessing the P222 is unusable in anything other than an HP server.


I've done a forum search but can't find anything specific to my situation.






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