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Case cooling system (DIY or ready-made)


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I've got my nice, custom-built case and was looking for an upgrade of its cooling system. At the moment the speed of the fans is controlled manually with pots, I would like something more autonomous.


It should be able to manage 2-4 fans, have at least 2 temperature sensors and be able to send notification via web (eg. if a fan fails or the temp goes over a threshold).

It could be powered from an USB, Thunderbolt or 12V DC.

Optionally it would be cool, I guess, if in an extreme situation the system was able to cut-off the power to the server components (a mac mini and a raid storage).

I should probably mention that space is quite limited as the case is small.



My DIY idea is to get a creid-card-sized computer such as Raspberry PI, couple of sensors, fans, transistors etc, watch some tutorials of Python and start hacking... I wish I had that kind of time :-) Couldn't find any commercial products...

Any ideas appreciated!


The materials I found so far:



This guy seems like he's nailed it, tried to contact him wihout luck...




PS More details about my case can be found here (the guts has changed slightly since the last post, it's definitely more tidy LOL): 



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