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I am just looking for a second set of eyes and ideas to see if anyone else has a good solution for my setup as I am not 100% happy with it and there may be room for improvement. What I have as outlined below are several sites predominantly with Synology NAS devices, although a couple also have a Windows 2016 server as well (as well as a Linux server running in Azure) that are utilising Resillio Sync to sync the data between locations and each location (bar two, one has all data in a unencrypted format, and the Azure container has all the data in an encrypted format) has most of the data encrypted (from remote sites), and local user data unencrypted. it is also encrypted in transit.


Whilst this setup works it does not provide a couple of things that I would like to have, Versioning for one. As such, I was wondering if anyone else has any other ideas about how to achieve the goal, which is a synced data storage, across multiple sites for redundancy as well as the speed with the data shared between the sites automagically with versioning and selective sync. Backups are also automatically performed by one of the devices to an external USB Hard Drive and to BackBlaze B2


Any Ideas would be appreciated



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