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LGA1155 mATX mobo supporting 32GB?

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mAtx LGA1155 mobo out there that supports 32GB RAM?
As long as it has four memory slots it should support 32 GB. Intel had some, so did SuperMicro.
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Indeed appreciate it, cannot believe how expensive these boards are still if you can find them. I really do like that Maximus V Gene but I am going to stick with this Pegatron IPMMB-FM board out of an HP Envy. I wanted to ditch it as it annoys the crap out of me that the fan header for a small fan attached to the VRM had to be replaced. I did it and it works fine and has the same spec as the original fan has an identical pinout but the darned BIOS halts the system as it thinks a cpu fan is missing. bah...


Anyway I was going to ditch it but a buddy of mine offered me a sealed HP ROK Server 2012 R2 Essentials for next to nothing and I'm a sucker for a good deal, not to mention I got sticker shock poking around looking for a new mobo. 



I really like that darn Maximus V Gene though, but I could only find a couple of them today and they were both used and over $300 to ship to Canuckada. Thanks for the replies but I need the HP BIOS intact to install this ROK legally, so I'll stick with the silly post error.


But damn that Maximus V Gene is nice, if only that mini PCIe combo card did 2 mSATA drives instead of one...


Maximus V Gene..

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I've had a few of the Maximus range over the years, they are nice boards, I don't really use all of the features on them so its probably over kill but I do tend to go overboard on the motherboard as its the main part of the system...

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