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DS5100 recovery questions


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So I’ve almost got my replacement DS5100 up and running.  I do have a couple of questions.


First, the replacement came with two swappable hard drives.  I simply put my old drives in this device.  I’d like to keep the new drives, since they are newer.  The old drives are in slots 1 and 2.  I’ll call them Alpha and Bravo.  The new drives I’ll call Charlie and Delta.  Can I remove Alpha from slot 1, and put in Charlie?  Will that duplicate the data from Bravo on to Charlie?  Assuming I can do this, how will I know when this is finished?  And after that can I then take Bravo out of slot 2 with Delta?


I would like to backup the C: drive, so if I ever have a problem again I can restore it.  In my previous DS5100 I used a USB hard drive and used Windows Essentials backup, but I was never able to restore it becuase I could never get the DS5100 to start to a state that would allow me to restore.  Can I use an imaging backup solution instead?  What I was thinking of was using a bootable USB hard drive with a program like Acronis, that would allow me to boot to that drive and then do an image backup of the C partition.  If a problem ever occurs, I could then boot to the USB drive and then just restore the C image.  This would be ideal, as I wouldn’t even have to crack open the DS5100.  The only thing I would lose would be any changes made to the C drive.  Since I’m not making many changes to the OS drive, this would be a minimal loss.  I’m thinking mostly Windows update patches.



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