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DE on a card - What we need


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Been listening to all the discussion on DE being pulled and a number of people have been talking about Drobos and other solutions that an OEM may (or may not) come up with.


Here's a thought: Basically DE on a card.


Imagine a PCI or PCI Express card with 4, 6 or even 8 internal sata ports on it that could connect all our 'pool drives' (let's leave the system drive connected to a normal SATA port on the motherboard). This card would basically pool all the drives regardless of capacity and present this to the WHS Vail operating system as a single drive. However this card has enough smarts to implement folder duplication and maybe even the ability to do the 'store the cluster only once' setup that WHS1 does for pc backups.


The card would then be controlled (in terms of adding or removing drives, setting folder duplication, etc) from a WHS Vail addon to the dashboard.


With an appropriate utility, this card could also be implemented on a Windows 7 machine or other OS. The OS knows no better and a straightforward utility configures the card to do its thing.


What do others think, any OEM's out there willing to give it a go?





Sydney, Australia

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I keep hearing people talk about this, and all I can think about is that this already exists. They're called RAID cards, and an 8-port RAID card will run about $300-$400 for an entry-level unit. So, if we add that to the price of a more conventional Home Server type OEM device (think MediaSmart), then we're talking about $1000 for a Windows Home Server. There's R&D to recoupe, so add at least another $200 to the price of the unit.


Sure, conventional RAID cards don't offer the same type of data protection and storage expansion that DE offered, but this is all software/firmware changes. I'm thinking the hardware would be about the same. Would you pay $1200 for a Windows Home Server? Let's ask LaCie.


In all honesty, I'm hoping Intel can give us an answer. They already have Intel Matrix Storage, with chipsets already integrated in motherboards of all levels. If the DE algorithms can find a home, I'm hoping that it's Intel that will provide it.

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From my understanding; cards contain chips, and chips are just dedicated software on a chip. So if MS cant make the software work what difference (apart from speed) would a card make? If the software doesn't work (and according to M.S. it doesn't) then putting it on a chip would make a faulty card...

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