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New , Low Cost Phone on Project Fi


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Been on Project Fi for almost 2 years  --   really like the service and price.   

Coverage all across the country has been excellent.  Even my occasional trips into Canada


What I like about it most is the low cost consistent pricing -  I just don't worry about my cell coverage , regardless of where I am 


Been Trying to get my daughter on my project Fi "family plan"  the holdup has been the availability of lower cost phones


They discontinued the medium cost   LG Nexus 5X phone and the only phones available have been the  $700 plus  Pixel phones


Well, last month they announced the "Moto X4 Android One"  phone available  on Project FI and I just got it the past week.


The 32 gig model was $400 bucks -  about the same price as the LG Nexus 5x at launch.    


( I really missed the boat when I didn't pick up extra 5X's  when google was selling them for 199 bucks!!!)


anyway -   there are several project Fi  users on the this forum and I thought I'd pass along my impressions


Solid Phone -    About the same size and feature set of the phone it replaces ( Nexus 5x)    


Plus's   -   


Gorgeous  OLED Screen

Micro SD Capable -   can use high speed cards as system memory or portable storage

Dual Camera lenses -    both a standard and a "wide" angle lens are built in. 

3 gig of memory -    runs fast and smooth.



Front mounted Fingerprint Sensor.     I really liked the rear mounted finger print sensor on my 5X.    However after a couple of days use, I have gotten used to having the sensor on the front, but still believe that the rear mounted sensor is preferable


Slick, slippery  -   the slightly curved, metallic body  falls out of  your hand or pocket effortlessly.     I won't be using this with a protective, rubbery case.  First phone I've ever considered getting a "protection plan" for.      I know I will drop it   


Lack of accessories -    You shouldn't expect the same ecosystem as the Iphone or Samsung phones -   but at least the Nexus line had some support.     Google doesn't even offer a case for it on its store.     A handful of 3rd party  accessories are available on Amazon.



Anyway,  if you where considering Project Fi, but didnt want to spend  $700-$800 bucks or more on a phone -   you now have something to consider. 



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