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How to use iLO?


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Is it possible to access iLO by booting the Microserver Gen8 with an (VGA) monitor, or is iLO only accessible by remote (network)?

Can somebody tell me this? I don't know this because at the moment I don't have one, but i'm planning to buy one.


Thanks in advance.

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42 minutes ago, vbezhenar said:

What do you want to do with iLO? iLO is a remote management tool. For local management there are other tools.

Hi, thanks for your reply.


I know it. I just want to see always all statistics on my screen (provided by iLO) without accessing it through the network. Is that possible? To start and use iLO without using the network?


Which local management tool can provide this statistics without having a main OS installed (I probably will be using VMware or Proxmox).

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iLO is Network Only, no console access. you can configure the basic network and security settings of it from the console during boot but that is it.

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