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Best Buy and Vivint Team Up

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Hello Team,


Hope this is the right forum...


I have been a big fan of the HomeServer Show Pod Casts and getting up to speed with the Reset Pods Casts.


Currently, I run Circle by Disney at home with 5 Kids, wife and my dog....and me too...so far I love it...kids hate it...wife somewhat likes it...my dog can't seem to make up her mind...


Added to the mix is the SmartThings starter kit and we are learning how to best use it around the house....my boys seem to like to play around with it like its a Lego Challenge getting it to work..


anyhow, I was recently at Best Buy and their team of home automation geeks seem to guide me to their inhouse security called Vivint...see below




Anyone know about what this is about? I feel it's a bunch of services put together in a packet and charging a monthly fee....


their Geeks feel my SmartThings and Circle is not to par with their security services...they want me to leave my house to the "pros"....and sign up to a free consultation....


My background is in IT and run my own mini-data center at home...but I am a newbie at home automation..   


Anyone has experience with Vivint and Best Buy teaming up?



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