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Reconfiguring gen 8


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Hi, I am reinstalling my gen 8 with Esxi 6. I have 4x 4tb purple drives and 1x 80gb ssd. I plan to use the b120i make the ssd raid 0 and 4tb drives raid 10. The 80gb will have Windows 10 vm for my external access and the other raid 10 other vms filerserver etc. I will put Esxi on a usb internally. Does this sound a good way to do it I have had problems before using the usb for Esxi running slow etc and I have to run a command to make the ssd run faster this one: esxcli system module set --enabled=false --module=vmw_ahci hoping to get my vms off the current setup tonight and set this up because my server keeps dropping off the network and behaving very odd but just want to see what people think first. Thanks

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