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Chilling Out my Gen8


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Hi Guys,


i own my Gen8 (E3-1220L v2 with 8G ECC RAM 4 x 4 TB WD-RED and a 128GB SSD for L2ARC) for about 5 Month. He is resting in the living room in a corner as a FreeNAS Server for our household. Sometimes (for sure more in the summer) he can get a bit hot ans also loud as well. So my Plan for this Weekend is to "chill him to a silent level". 


So i bought some Parts to carry on:


  • Noctua NF-P12 PWM (Back).
  • Cooltek Silent Fan 4020 (Powersupply).
  • 2 x Cooltek Silent Fan 4010 (CPU and Chipset).
  • Some Aluminum Heatsinks (in different sizes).
  • Some Adapters and Cables.


So far my Plan is clear (and i will show some pics). But with a point I still have problems. How i connect the Noctua NF-P12 PWM to the 6 PIN on the Mobo. 


I think i need to use this method (picture below) to connect the Fan. But my Question is, will the fan be slowed (the hole pwm thing) by the iLO or just run at full speed? I am on the right path with this one or what you Guys think about that?


Thanks for your adive and cheers from Germany













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