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Puerto Rico #Maria Relief Supplies


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Hey All,


I've got a story of what we're doing as a family for Puerto Rico and hopefully it can give you some ideas on how to help them out as well.  Maria devastated this beautiful island and they are having difficulties getting the relief supplies to those little towns and farm folk that need them desperately.  So we had an idea.  Actually, the idea spawned due to the fact that we booked a cruise out of San Juan PR several months ago.  We never dreamed that #Maria would come.  The cruise company did humanitarian cruises and goods pickup for the area but has since resumed cruise service.  You can't get your money back on this sort of thing so we are going on the cruise.  My wife said, why don't we just pack up some suitcases with stuff and deliver it.  BOOM!  Great idea.


I practically had all the stuff purchased and gathered up befor I even thought of how and who do we give it to!  With a little help from the app, Nextdoor, and my neighbors, I was able to source 4 large suitcases with wheels, and a local native of the island that has contacts with a local organization that needs and delivers help.  They will get our stuff to those that need it.  We didn't want to have the goods sitting around.  We want them in the areas that need them.  I need to share these names with you when I figure them all out!  It literally has happened in a matter of days.


I'll fill in more details once we get back and have some photos but I feel blessed to be able to do this and am so pumped I can barely type.  How can you help?  I used http://unidosporpuertorico.com/ to get the list of supplies and like I said, Nextdoor app to source suitcases and people that know PR natives.



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Awesome great work. I feel great about all the help I have been doing around Houston. I bet I have been in over fifty homes either mucking it out or rebuilding. It is very satisfying to work with and pray with the homeowners.

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