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Gen10 Fan Noise


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I made stupid mistake and bought gen10 microserver because it looked nice. 

Hardware is like this:

Samsung 850 pro 256 for OS win10 pro

2x wd red 4tb in SW raid

1x wd green 3b


It is loud as hell when booting and very irritating after that.

There is just too much noise from fan for quiet home office.

Is there anything i can do about it?


Please help my ears bleed!



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There is no settings for cooling. 

It only shows temperatures dimm 29, pcie 28, ambient 28, cpu 29.

Only setting is thermal shutdown enabled/disabled.


If I jam the fan it is totally silent...  

I thougt that it could be possible to replase the fan and just give it 12v directly, but it wont boot if I disconnect the fan connector. 



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How are your drives installed?  Are all 4 (including SSD) in the main cage?  How is the SSD mounted?


What are your temps on the Green and Red drives?

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I'm at a loss to explain your issue at the moment....


The only time I hear noticeable fan noise is when I'm working the machine hard and driving the temps up.  I need to look at a few things....

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I just bought a Gen10 microserver from HP and indeed I found that it is quite noisy even in idle. (booted from USB stick with no HDDs mounted)


 Is there a way to change the fan to a better one or are there any options to reduce the noise?



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I expect any 4 pin fan will work as along as you wire the connector corrrectly. Disconnection won;t work as it will detect that. Having said this, I don;t find the noise too intrusive running 4x3TB Ironwolf drives and an SSD

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Hello everyone.

I'm facing the same problem, as I want to use the microserver as NAS and Htpc, so it's next to the TV. As it will be up 24/365 I find it too noisy.

I've seen some tutorials explaining how to change the case fan in the Gen8 microserver, but I'm not sure if our connector and its pinout is the same. Does anyone knows it or has a link to any hp document that can help?

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