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ML30 Gen9 Questions


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Hi all,


I'm looking at an upgrade of my current Skylake whitebox server for something that can do 64gb RAM (current box is ITX, so 32gb max) and I've always had a soft spot for the HP servers :)

I'll transplant the existing CPU (E3-1260L v5) & RAM from the old box.


After reading that the B140 is disabled when another HBA is connected, I was just wondering if anyone has tried the ML30 Gen 9 in non RAID mode. i.e. set BIOS to AHCI mode, and seen if it still works?

What I want to do is use the on-board SATA (in non RAID mode) in PCI Passthrough mode to a NAS VM and have my existing 9211 HBA for my VMWare datastores...

The 9211 has a greater queue depth than the onboard SATA devices, giving better SSD performance.


I'm also looking at the ML10 Gen 9 - in the UK its at £112 after cashback. Seems to be a standard C236 board with vPro, so not a 'real' Prolient but what a price :o




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To follow up on this, some random notes I've been meaning to post up...


I ordered a ML10 Gen 9 - quite nice but clearly built down to a price. Fan noise seemed OK, but when you plugged a PCI card in, it ramped the base fan speed up.

The deal killer for me was that even when fans were slow, the case seemed very "tinny" and you could hear the hard disk heads in use quite loudly...

Although not officially supported, ESXi 6.5 worked fine.


Sent the ML10 Gen9 back and got the ML30 Gen9.


Much nicer overall. Slightly noisier than ML10, but better built (with iLO) and no hard disk head noise :)

The front USB sockets are connected to the motherboard via 2 x  20 pin plugs, one of which will fit into a 3rd party PCI USB card; needs a little work on the card with a sharp knife to trim the socket slightly though.

Means I could pass through a USB card to a VM and have the front left USB3 ports on the VM and the right ports on the hypervisor :)


Picked up a cheap H240 HBA from eBlag. Put it into HBA mode and the onboard B140i into AHCI mode and I now have 14 SATA ports available, split across VM passthrough and VM datastore.


Uprated the CPU to E3-1260L v5, again works fine.


Swapped the fans out for Noctuas. Made a little adapter that converted the non-standard HP fan connector to the normal 4 pin setup. 

Got hold of some used DL360 G5 server front fan sets from eBlag. Broke them up; the plugs they use are the same size/style as the ML30 Gen9 ones! There are 3 plugs on each fan set.

Look for HP code 412212-001.


Can't think of anything else :)


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