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Google introduces new hardware Oct 4th


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These are my notes from the event. Not organized by any means!



Google Home mini

Fabric that is coral, chalk, charcoal colors.

$49 Pre Order today, ships October 19th.


Google Assistant and Voice Control

Hey Google, find my phone. iPhone users get a phone call, Android buzzes your phone even if it is on silent.


Integration with Nest was impressive. Face recognition and announces who is at the door. Or show the front door on the TV. Sets alarm, etc.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.42.43 PM.png


Broadcast a message to all google devices throughout the house. Dinner time!

Improving VA for kids.

Hey Google, lets learn.

Play musical chairs.

Play what kind of fruit are you.

Space Trivia

Tell me a story

Partnered with Disney.

Family Link, you can create accounts for kids and monitor.


New Google Home Max

Dual 4.5" woofers

Custom .7" tweeters

Will fill the room with amazing sound

Smart Sound

Spotify, pandora, cast, bluetooth, audio input

has google assistant of course

Recognizes your voice to play your favs


Available December


YouTube Red for 12 months free

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.41.21 PM.png

New Google Chromebook

Google Pixelbook



Glass inlay on back

12.3" touchscreen

quad HD lcd


backlit keys

Core i5 and i7

up to 16Gb ram

USB C charger

instant tethering to pixel phone

New Google Key like Mac Command or Windows key to initiate type requests

Pixelbook Pen

10ms latency

60deg angle

2000 levels of pressure

Android Apps

Using this angle to be productive in photos, videos, sharing, etc.

3 configurations

$999 starting

Pen is $99

Pre order today

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 2.05.31 PM.png

In stores Oct 31st



Google Pixel 2


6" XL

All aluminum body with color, and colored glass.

No headphone jack

5" Full HD OLED

kinda blue



Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.26.47 PM.png

6" XL


Curved glass

4.1 million pixels over 500ppi

circular polarizer for sunglasses

black and white

Both devices have same features

IP67 water and dust

Auto music identification

active edge squeeze


Pixel camera ready for AR rendering

AR Stickers


Pixel 2 DXO mark of 98 compared to 89 last year.

And that means?

12 mpixel, OIS, YES!

hardware and software, OIS and EIS, Fuzed video stabilization

Takes a burst of photos and applies hdr

portrait mode blurs background to make foreground pop

PIxel 2 does this with one camera

motion photos

it captures 3 seconds of video

PIxel 2 users unlimited storage in highest resolution including 4k

Google autotags for photo search


New daydream

This is where I trailed off and started ordering my new Pixel 2.


Pixel Buds




Pixel Clips




Not sure how this helps my life.





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I got the 64 this time.  Had 128 last time and never used it. Although was good for resale I opted to save up front.

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15 hours ago, Dave said:

I got the 64 this time.  Had 128 last time and never used it. Although was good for resale I opted to save up front.


I am really thinking about getting one. Investigating how much I can get for my new version 1 XL, both for trade in and selling. What was the site you have been using for selling phones? Is it better than eBay?

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Did you look at trade in with Google?



Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 9.39.41 AM.png


I use swappa for used selling and buying.



Side note, check out the Preferred Care at $129. It's roughly the same cost but on Project Fi you have the choice of paying $5 a month for that protection. If you only have the phone a year like I do then it's a lot better deal though.

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