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CPU Mining with BOINC for GRC Coin


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Mike Wieger also got me hooked on CPU mining with BOINC.  You can earn GRC coin by helping out.  GRC is a nickle a coin right now, so no one is quitting jobs.  However, its kind of fun to get involved.


Here is a video to get you started: 


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Jim - so this is CPU mining?  What about the GPU mining?  Is there a guide for a noob like me that explains how you have set up what you are doing?  I also did some reading and it appears for small miners that pooling together may be beneficial.  Are you doing that?


I may already be off topic here since I am asking about GPU mining.  This may get split off to it's own topic if that is the case.

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I've just found a little app called Bitcoin miner, you stick your URL in with your miner details and off it goes, very easy, throwing coins back at my old Multipool account..

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Sounds like we need several new threads off of this one. Bit coin miner and@cskenney request on pooling.

Will it use the older vid cards?

Well, I didn't read that very well now did I? I have been interested in older cards more like the difference i; a 1050 and the 1060. I may have to buy a 1050 and figure it out with power and earnings. I'm still trying to overclock the 1060 at the moment though.
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Actually, I think Nicehash is taking care of the pooling already (based on listening to Jim and Dewain on HGG).


My video card arrives today but it may be later in the week before I can do anything with it.

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