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No Dashboard on Client PC


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Hi All,


About a year ago I decided to build a new pc, and I ended up using the parts from the old pc to upgrade my Windows Server 2012 Essentials build. I was able to just add my WSE2012 hard drives to the old pc and start it up without an issue (I was surprised at this, I was expecting that I would have to re-activate my copy of WSE2012, but everything was fine).

My only problem I was having is that when I launched the Launchpad on my client pc, that would work fine, but I could not launch the dashboard on my client pc (Win10 Pro). I would never get any type of error, it just wouldn't launch. Today I decided that it was time to do a fresh install of my server hoping that would fix the dashboard not launching issue, but once I was done, I am still having the same problem.


Anybody know of what causes this and how to solve it other than a reinstall of my client pc?



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