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Upgrade the CPU (E3-1265L)of a HP microserver Gen8


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Hello everybody,


I bought a HP microserver Gen8 to learn ESX and to host some VM.


This is my initial configuration :

  • CPU G1610T Celeron
  • 12Go RAM
  • 1 microSD (ESX)
  • 4 HDD (data)
  • 1 SSD (vm)


Really great hardware but I wanted to upgrade it to have more core/thread (and more VM).

After read many and many post like this :


(and many many other :P )

I bought a E3-1265L (v1 > the strange and cheaper version ^^) with a TDP at 45W and frequency lower than the v2 (processor base frequency = 2,40GHz instead of 2,50GHz) and my understanding was the difference between the original CPU (TDP = 35W) and the E3-1265L is enough small to avoid thermal problems.

BUT... (do you expect that ? :) )

After many test, I know I have a new heating system in my house...

Let me explain.

I made some test with mprime and I found these (relevant) results :



power consumption : arround 52 W

cooler : CPU fanless and optimal thermal setting in bios

Zone            |    T0   |   T+30' |  T+1H   |   T+2H  |   T+4H  |
CPU             |   40°C  |   40°C  |   40°C  |   40°C  |   40°C  |
RAM             |   35°C  |   44°C  |   44°C  |   43°C  |   42°C  |
VR P1 Zone      |   46°C  |   52°C  |   52°C  |   52°C  |   52°C  |


NEW CPU : E3-1265L (v1)

power consumption : arround 93 W

cooler : CPU fan (2 NF-4x10 Noctua added on the cpu heatsink) and maximum thermal setting in bios

Zone            |    T0   |   T+30' |  T+1H   |   T+2H  |   T+4H  |
CPU             |   40°C  |   53°C  |   54°C  |   55°C  |   54°C  |
RAM             |   35°C  |   47°C  |   49°C  |   55°C  |   52°C  |
VR P1 Zone      |   46°C  |   58°C  |   62°C  |   62°C  |   61°C  |

note 1 : with the E3-1265L, all test without cpu fan are aborded after some minute because the cpu was overheated (manually stop over 65°c)

note 2 : with the E3-1265L and "cpu cooled by Noctua", the microserver is less reactive (ie : iLo need more time to give web gui)



I have some questions :


1) Do you think my results are good ?

I received the CPU in a very bad package and without anti-static bag. Maybe it doesn't work fine ?


2) Do you know a test to confirm the good preformance of my CPU ?

I don't know how to benchmark my CPU with similar other configuration


3) Only 10W TDP between Celeron and E3-1265L and too large increase of temperature ? Have-you the same result ?


4) Have you some warning point to share with me ?


5) Today, should we continue to use the B120I instead of AHCI for SATA performance ?


Thank's by advance,

Edited by Yogen8
I'm french, not found all my language's errors
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11 hours ago, dikkiedirk said:

did clean cpu and heatsinkk and did you re-apply TIM properly?

Thank's for your feedback.


Yes I tried two times with the 1265L (because I had the same doubt) and I used ARTIC MX-4.

No specific TIM cleaner used (only removed the old TIM) but no problem with the Celeron when I tried to remount it to compare result.


You think the thermal result is wrong for my 1265L ?

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