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DAHUA & EYEsurv DVR's and NVR's HACKED. Reported by Nelly's Security. IPS at The edge of your network anyone?


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To be added to the ever growing list of 'Hacked Devices' daily is Dahua & EYEsurv DVR's and NVR's, See screen shot below-


Dahua-Hacked Capture.PNG


This report from Nelly's Security can be found here.


This list continues to grow. Good security at the edge of our network is no longer an options and I would say that home networks may need better security then corporate networks based on the fact that Virus writers are targeting home networks more. Y? Because home users will just go buy a Wireless router off the shelf at the local box store or Amazon and just do basic configuration and call it good.


Bottom line, If you have internet facing services you better have good Gateway protection to help fight off these types pf attacks. Noting is guaranteed but a basic NAT router is not going to protect you the way you need.


The basics for network protection on any level that I now follow are as follows and knock on wood I have never been infected,


1) My router/firewall must support (SPI), Not all do. Info on this here. Also all my routers need to support (IPS), This has saved my bacon in the last 2 weeks. I had a well known Android application installed on my phone that was phoning home to China for no good reason as it was just a 'File Explorer' app and thank god it was blocked by Synology IPS. I have now uninstalled this app on all my devices.


2) End-Point protection on all supported devices, In this day in age there is no reason everyone should not have End-Point protection on all there devices. I run 'Sophos Home' on all my supported devices and its totally FREE for 10 devices under one email address, Need more then 10 devices, Register another email address. Find info on 'Sophos Home" here

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I wonder if there can be a hack out there that is not so visible, but rather insidously allowing someone to view your cameras without you knowing? seems whomever did this is kind of public-servicing it, not all are so kind...

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I've already emailed the tech guys at Honeywell EU so will see what they say, to be fair the unit affected is the Gen1, we're mainly using Gen2's and the Gen3 (4k/H265) is starting to come through so its not a huge issue for us, especially as there was an issue with the Gen1's overheating so most of them have already been swapped for Gen2 units.

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