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Highpoint Rocketraid 2720 SGL Issues


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Has anyone experienced problems with their Rocketraid card causing issues with your system? My server keeps becoming unresponsive and found in the event viewer an error indicating the card did not respond within the timeout period. When it becomes unresponsive the only solution is to hard reboot.


I have also seen a lot of errors indicate the file system structure of the Raid disk is corrupt and unusable. Please run chkdsk on the volume.


Can anyone confirm if this is the card going bad? I am not sure what to do first to resolve this permanently. Right now a reboot works for four or five days and then it hangs again.


UPDATE: I should have mentioned that looking in the RocketRaid web portal it indicates the drives and data are working fine and hasn't reported any issues at all.

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I've owned this card.  Never used it for RAID, just for passing disks through.


You may note that I no longer own this card. Which should say enough.


Likely, one or more disks connected to it are having issues.  You may be seeing LGA errors or it mention a specific port for the timeout... that would be the disk that's having issues.  Nut it may not be that obvious.


Do any of the drives connected support TLER? If not, they may be the cause, as well.


To be blunt here, these cards are garbage. Nobody should be using them.  Replace it, and grab an LSI card. You'll be happy you did, and the problems will likely go away. 

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