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Really confused new Gen 8 owner


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Hi everyone,


I've purchased a HP Proliant Microserver GEN 8 for my own use in the office , I was running a dedicated NAS drive but that started playing up so I thought the HP  might be a bit of an upgrade from my NAS 

Now I'm going to be very honest and say I have not got a clue as to what I'm doing 

The problem I'm having is trying to get windows installed onto the RAID array I've setup , I have two 4GB drives set as RAID 1 , now when it comes to installing Windows I get to the part where I have to load the raid driver before setup can see the drives , after that it does see the single 4GB disk but when It makes the partition it only allows 2GB and the remaining space goes unallocated 

I've read up on the 2GB limit that I am seeing and I've read that I should partition the drives as GPT which I've now done but I'm still having the same problem with windows setup hitting the 2GB limit on the 4GB array 

I then read it was because I was using a USB drive to install windows from and that was not also set as GPT and that it was supposed to be as it was booting from a non GPT device for setting up GPT disks and was the problem but now my USB stick is GPT the HP will not boot from it ? 

So can anyone please , please give me some advice as to what I should be looking at trying next ? It would be very much appreciated 

I will just add that before I set my USB drive up as GPT when I tried to install windows from the USB onto the GPT hard drives it was saying that Windows cannot install on a GPT disk ???? I'm just really , really confused 

I should have just purchased another NAS 😔

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I am hoping your GB's should be TB's ;)


my boot disk is under 1TB (SSD in the ODD Bay) so i have never had this issue, my data drives are all 3TB but as you now know, you have to format as GPT to breach the 2TB mark.


I believe the issue is the server does not support UEFI so you would have to create multiple logical drives on the array. i.e. xxGB's for one and xxTB's for the other so that you can format the smaller logical drive as MBR and then the large logical drive as GPT to use the remainder of the space. convert you USB back to its orginal format and boot windows from their, windows will see 2 drives then C: for windows and D: for data.


If i am wrong, one of the usual suspects will be along shortly to advise.

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Building on @eddie563 advice, I find it best to keep your OS and data drives separate. I would recommend adding a SSD (240GB-256GB) connected to the fifth SATA port on the system board, placed in the ODD bay, powered with a FDD to SATA power adapter, assuming you do not have an optical drive installed. Setup the SSD as a single drive RAID0 and install Windows on it. This will keep your OS and data separate and will give you room to add another RAID1 pair if you need more capacity.  

This is the type of power adapter you would need:


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