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Surface Laptop after the hype


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Hey all,


I had a little chat on RESET 33 about the Surface Laptop.  I got a question on whether it was a good time or not to purchase it.  I'm looking for all of you that have them to chime in on how you are getting along with it. What issues you may have had and overall satisfaction.  I gave it a "buy" rating but you have to listen for more info!



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As with the Surface line, these have no easily field replaceable units that I can see at all. I bowed to the pressure of senior management in the past as they insisted upon M$ Surface devices. If they had a maintenance and service guide with a list of replaceable parts, I might endorse them, but even in light duty situations the hardware failure rate for Surfaces was not good. [No empirical evidence that I can quote without pulling stats from my ticket system, but my team were often frustrated with them]


Instead in the absence of any easy way to affect repairs, I ran the HP Elitebook x360 G2 through my Certification & Standards process and convinced the 2 municipalities I job share with to standardize on a unit that can actually have a computer maintenance program worked up for it. I can tear down and re-assemble an Elitebook in ~roughly a half an hour. 


as nice as Surface might be, in the absence of an easy repair process we have gone back to a more traditional unit. So far, across 2 mayors and 14 councilors plus admin staff, there hasn't been a single complaint and rather, very positive commentary on the move back to ths form factor.

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