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Home Cameras with CGN (Carrier Grade NAT)


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For years I have been able to remotely view and connect cameras at my elderly parent’s home.  I used the dyndns.org service and various ports to be able to view cameras around the home.  But recently their ISP “upgraded” to CGN, Carrier Grade NAT and dual stack.  From that moment, the dyndns service has not been working.  I loaded the dyndns client program on a computer at their home, and even with it running, the result is the same, no connection any camera.   I under the concept of the large private network the provider is using and that the cameras have to go through it.  I guess my question is how to I get there?  Is there a service that is designed to forward through a CGN?   Thanks for any help or advice.    

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Welcome to the forums!


1) Are you absolutely sure your now behind CGN?

2)  Open a web browser go to whatismyip are you in any of the ranges below?


CGN 100.64.x.x - - -


I included all the none routable ranges above because I have see carriers use the 10.x.x.x range as well.


Providing you fall into any of the ranges above your basically SOL, Have a look at this Wiki and scroll down to the disadvantages and look at bullet point 4.


OK so what are your options?


1) call the ISP and tell them that there CGN has broke your gaming console and could you opt-out of CGN and get your public IP back for free.

2) Ask the ISP if they have a static IP plan that you could pay for.

3) Look into a VPN service that you maybe able to connect outbound to the service, then connect remotely to the VPN. I don't even know if this would work but maybe worth a try. Either way option 2 & 3 will cost you extra money every month

4) Look for a new ISP.


What is the name of the ISP your using?


Hope this helps...

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