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Cant format any of the HDDs


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Firt of all I want to apologize for my English its not that good but i hope i can find some answers here.

I was searching for my issue with microserver gen8 and bumped into this forum. 

So to my problem I have manage to install WS2016 to my SSD that is attached to my ODD "slot". And I did this by creating a RAID0 and then i could install and enter the Windows Server. After that i rebooted my computer and went to the RAID controller and installed my remaining HDD that is 3x1TB, 2x1TB and 1x1TB and i selected for each of this as singel RAID0 so i dont loose any space. Now i can see my HDD that have assigned letters (E: F: and G: ) but i cant access them, the server wants me to format it. When i try to format it, it just fails. 

I went to the CMD and try to convert the HDD to gpt and it gives me another error message that says "virtual disk service error etc". 

As i have understood that the Microserver does not support HDD that is bigger than 2TB infact it supports but it needs to be converted as gpt. So my main issue is that i cant format any of the drives so i can have access to them it just gives me error message "faild to format the drive". I have tried with CMD and in Windows neither works, whats the problem? 


Thanks in advance 


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Hi, your English is very good.


Quick Specs for the server are HERE and i have pulled this information from page 3: Maximum Internal Storage Non-Hot Plug SATA 16TB (4 x 4TB) 3.5" SATA so 2TB drives are supported. I have never come across a limitation in the BIOS that detects MBR/GPT formatting, however in windows i have. 


Have all the drivers for your raid card been installed in windows? or is it using a default Microsoft storage driver?

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