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Questions about the PC case T3

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sleepkitty    0

Before some many choices of case that I had, I've finally decided to go with the PC-T3-i5-4200U, but the official website does not give too much info about this beautiful case.


So, if there is out there any PC-T3-i5-4200U owner that is reading this topic, I've a few questions for you friend, and I'll really appreciate any answer that could be provided.


These are my questions:

How many space for rad (or fans only) I will have in the space behind the case?

How much thick my rad in the top can be with fans without touching the fans at the front? (The ones that are perpendicular with the Motherboard).

How much tall can my Reservoir be with Pump included? I don't wanna drill holes in such a beautiful case.


As I said, any info provided would be really appreciated!


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    • oanmerri
      By oanmerri
      I've been searching a lot for the smallest atx case I could find and found realan E-D3 at 23 liters. The case isn't the best but it is windowed, which I like. Does anyone have any suggestions? Money is no problem. Preferred to have window and around 25 liters or smaller. Support for reference cards, or bigger is fine. Thanks in advance.
    • friday1349878
      By friday1349878
      A few weeks ago I ordered the I5-4200U and E-I7 cases from Shenzhen Realan, the manufacturer that makes the Habey EMC-800/600 that I've seen a lot of folks use here for HTPC builds. One of the complaints about the EMC-800/600 is that they don't have enough ventilation and none on the top. The E-I5/E-I7 address this issue with more ventilation and a little bit different style, looking now a bit more like one of the Wesena ITX6 or 7 cases. The insides are basically the same and the Habey cases with the same HDD/ODD mounting plates and the same 12V 120W DC power board. The I5-4200U also gets the same 60W AC adapter as the Habey cases but the E-I7 gets a 84W AC adapter.
      Late last week I did my first build with the new I5-4200U case again using my bedroom HTPC platform: ASUS P8H61-I, G620, 64GB SSD, 250GB 2.5" HDD and the Gelid Slim Silence i-Plus CPU cooler. First impressions of the I5-4200U are that this is a really nice looking small case. It's nice brushed aluminum with a "diamond" edge that gives it a cool look. Building with the case is pretty easy. It starts with taking four screws off the top. To make things easier to get the motherboard in, I also took out the power board which was two screws for the board and a nut at the back of the case for the power jack. There are no sharp edges anywhere and fit is perfect. The front panel cables are long enough to reach anywhere on the motherboard and then there is plenty of room on the sides to tuck cables away. The HDD bay comes off with four screws and holds any combination of 2 x 2.5" SSD/HDD or 3.5" HDD. With a 28mm CPU cooler, the 3.5" HDD was tight against the cooler but possible if needed. The best fit was with 2 x 2.5" devices, in my case a SSD and 250GB HDD. Everything looks roomy and well ventilated.
      I plan to do some thermal and power testing later.
      I also have the E-I7. It's similar in style but 15mm taller and has an ODD slot. When I get one of those built I'll post a mini-review here too.
      Here are the links to the manufacturer's product pages:
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      I'm in a choir which is stuck on paper, and we have to use 3 ring binders for uniformity.  I was hoping to find an insert that fits into a standard 3 ring binder that holds a Surface Pro 3. I've scanned the music into OneNote.
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      Hello!  I have created a tablet case for the Surface Pro 3 which is designed with artists in mind.  I launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to produce it.  It is not just a protective case, but a protective case that brings functionality for those time when you don't want the keyboard, but want easy access to keyboard shortcut.  I've integrated buttons into the case that can be customized to your favorite shortcuts in any program.  Please take a look!  
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      I do a lot of off table work on my Surface Pro 2, and I miss the 'fixed' hinge on a laptop that keeps the keyboard and surface at a consistent angle.  Has anyone seen a hardshell case or other type of solution for this?