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GDU Announces the O2 Drone at InterDrone 17


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Check this out.



·       Obstacle Avoidance: A binocular system prevents the drone from hitting obstacles in its flight path. Instead of flying toward the objects, it will detect the obstacles and hover.

·       Gesture Identification: The camera can sense different gestures and perform smart tasks such as taking pictures, videos, move towards or away from the pilot, and hover at a safe distance.

·       Follow-Me Mode: Uses a visual sensor to detect the target and follow the target with a set distance.

·       Orbiting Function: Uses visual sensor to detect the target and circle around it with the camera facing the target.

·       Smart Shot: With the smart shot modes, the O2 can take 10-second short videos in three different pre-set flight modes: Circle, Rocket and Dronie.

·       Selfie Mode: The O2 will identify an object and fly to a pre-set distance to get the best shot – both photos and videos are available in this mode.

·       Burst Mode: The O2 will taking five burst pictures with five different zoom specs from the same spot with a single button press to give multiple perspectives in one shot.

·       Vertical Burst: The O2 will take off vertically with camera facing down in 3m/s speed while take continuous pictures every two seconds to give multiple perspectives in one shot.

·       Time-Lapse Shot: Record and play ratio 6:1

Slow-Mo Shot: Record and play ratio 6:1


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