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AHCI - Winndows cannot be installed to this disk.


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Hi all,


i have been trying to sort this all day... all day! :(


trying to install windows 10, now windows 2016 and cant get it to go past this screen.



my settings:

  • SATA Mode: AHCI
  • moved SATA cable from Drive one to SSD/ODD Drive so i can boot from SSD.
  • moved ODD sata cable to Drive one.


Trying to install onto my SSD...


i have tried the following: 

  1. booting from USB and installing win 10, drive is seen but same error as screenshot. loading B120 driver no luck.
  2. tried ILO provisioning manual/custom and  starts installing, when done reboots but nothing happens and just tries to  PXe boot, usb etc like it cannot boot from SSD...and loops the boot order.
  3. same error happens on Windows 10 and Windows server 2016.
  4. tried USB booting Windows10/2016 same issue
  5. tried virtual image mount on iLO 10 /2016 same issue.


:( dont know what im doing wrong! is there a bios setting or something i have missed or is it a driver issue?

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14 hours ago, korby said:

You can't boot/install on the ODD port if you're running AHCI and have multiple HDD's.

Hi ,


i have swapped the port from ODD to drive 1 so the SSD is "drive one" according to the system

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Is the SSD completely bare no partitions of any kind?

It looks like you have other drives in the server. Have you tried installing Win10 on the SSD with no other drives in the server?

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