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HP Microserver Gen8 and external das


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Hi Everyone,


I got my HP Microserver Gen8 a while ago and have loaded it with 16GB RAM and a E3-1265L CPU. It is currently running ESXi 6.5 and it is working beautifully for the most part.


I am looking to expand the available storage with an external das. I was able to snag a great deal on a LSI 630J 12-Bay Drive Chassis and am looking at using it with my Microserver.


I've been researching on which HBA card to use (Would like one which supports JBOD to use with FreeNas) but am overwhelmed with the available information. I had originally ordered a LSI 9207-4i4e from the USA (I am located in Australia) but it arrived DOA. 


I thought I would ask my fellow Microserver enthusiasts on whether anyone has done anything similar and if so what HBA card they used or which HBA is recommended.


Thanks everyone


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Yes I ran into the same problem as you regarding expansion and I explored several different ways, including 2 and 4 bay esata and usb enclosures. This solution sucked though, it was slow, drives fighting for bandwidth and drives dropping under full load.


The only method for me that worked out of the box, reliably and with full speed results was switching to an external SAS solution. I bought a LSI SAS9207-8e and 4 Bay Silverstone TS431S. It's only 4 bays but I have two ports and if I REALLY want to expand I can always sell the enclosures and go for a 12+ bay DAS rack. Problem is they are usually noisy as hell and way too big for me.


What I've seen done before is simply buying a cheap computer case with plenty of space for drives, an SAS expander card for the case, a PSU and a supermicro control board that lets you power up the PSU without a motherboard. This would then be connected to your HBA. It's a DIY solution but gives you full control over looks, usability, fan configurations etc.

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