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RESET 30 - CrashPlan shutting down consumer business


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Hi Dave,

Great show. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, So much so that my family and friends think I need medication for the way I push this topic.:rolleyes:


You hit a lot of great points. Like you I use to use CrashPlan up to about 2 years ago when I also shutdown my Microsoft servers and move to Synology NAS because it was not a app support by Synology but there was a 3rd party package for it, Every time Synology updated DSM it broke. I now use Synology HyperBackup to backup to Amazon Drive, Its about 550GB of photos, home videos and music. Amazon like so many others has changed there pricing, When I started with Amazon it was unlimited for 60.00 a year but now 60.00 a year gets you 1TB. That's a lot of storage and most of us should be fine with that 'Rip't movies' aside.


When I left CrashPlan I think I had around 5.5 TB, Ouch. Yes I would say many of us backing up our entire movie collection played a big roll in what CrashPlan has done. I now do a full backup of everything to a 2nd Synology NAS in-house and I make a 2nd backup of my movie collection to an external drive and take it to grandma house. And everything else gets backed up to Amazon. I have found this is the best way to do backups and save money on cloud storage. Lets face it our movie collection is static and only gets added to once in a while.


You talk about BackBlaze getting your nod, I wish Synology had a native app for them.I also want to point out Synology is opening up a new service in Sept called C2. Its there new cloud backup service for Synology NAS owners, Pricing is on par with Amazon and others. Whats interesting about it is you can install there package called 'Disaster Recovery' and in the event of local NAS failure the C2 service can take over and continue to serve your files till you repair the NAS and get back online, Pretty neat stuff.

Synology C2 Service and Pricing

Disaster Recovery Beta

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I've since added both my WSE12R2 and our shared family Mac to CP Small Business. Am using Amazon Glacier as a secondary cloud backup for important files but not the magnitude of movie collections.

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