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Don't have ACU/HP SSA (HP Smart Storage Administrator) nor Intelligent Provisioning


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Well, i first encounter the problem if the ILO4 self-test errors in POST screen, there are several threads.

This is due to the Flash/SDCARD not being able to initialize (fails) and appears as degraded in iLO.

After reading I decide to upgrade iLO from 2.10 to 2.54, same things happens.


The point is that after and before iLO upgrade I was not capable to get into the storage manager for the B120i.

It just gets me a blank screen after F5 or F11 pressed.


I also did the NAND format trick but still get the degraded error in iLO and not ACU/SSA.


Funny thing is I booted a Proliant Service pack image and could open the ACU from the DVD. And correctly configured the newly inserted hard drive.


Has this happened to anyone of you?


Loosing ACU/SSA and IP?

Can they be "reinstalled" again?

Thanks a lot for reading!



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      After a shutdown my perfectly working HP Microserver gen8 with Windows Server 2016 didn't start again. In the HPE Smart Storage Administrator everything looks fine, the arrays are in place, but Windows don't seem to recognize it anymore. If I try to boot from the installation media I'm unable to load the b120i driver, the installtion just hangs. If I use Intelligent Provisioning I'm afraid to start the installation because it sais:
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