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My local cable company had a major change in channels and my MC hasn't been able to update the guide properly, ie the channels MC has in the guide are from the old lineup and won't update to the new channel lineup. I have ran the TV setup a million times and it doesn't work. I use a HDHomerun Prime with three turners (including cable card). Using the HDHomerun tools I can view the proper channels according to the updated channels. So I know the cable card has received the updated guide. For some reason the only way I can get the new/revised channels to show is if I choose a different location (zip code) and cable provider. Of course that labels the channels incorrectly because one cable companies channel 2 is the local NBC while the other cable companies channel 2 is a Hispanic channel. Obviously that will not work longterm. I have also uninstalled and reinstalled MC. Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve this? I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out.

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assuming you have looked through the presented options given for your true zip code, and can't find a match there or in nearby zip codes, there is a site at microsoft where you can enter a report about the guide issue. if others observe similar for your provider you may be able to get some traction on them fixing it within a few weeks. when I have issues I make a point of finding others with a similar problem and giving them a +1 to try to float the whole set upwards. but some patience required...

media center program guide data feedback

from there click on 'feedback' button.... enjoy!

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