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Top ODD bay no chance for a 3.5?


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Hi all,


my G7 went kaput so upgrading to a G8 i have been frantically trying to get the parts so i can use a minimum of 5 disks, 4 for data and one for OS.


i keep reading the top bay can only house a 2.5" drive, this severely limits the max storage as 2.5" NAS / always on drives are non-existent except a 1TB RED drive i can see for £70!


my question is:


1. can i in any way fit a 3.5" drive at the top ODD bay?

2. if i put in a 2tb normal desktop drive 2.5" at the top for the OS , will this likely cause problems? i appreciate its not NAS orientated but it should be fine ....right?

3. i have seen some users use a molex to SATA splitter near the back instead of the floppy connector which i am going to do - this is again would be ok?


thanks all.

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You can not fit a 3.5" drive in the ODD bay. 

What capacity drives are you putting in the front bays? What OS are you running? How are the drives configured?

Toshiba makes a good 3TB 2.5 inch 12.5mm drive. Seagate makes 4TB and 5TB in 2.5" 12.5mm drives, the 5TB is much better than the 4TB. 

Blatant commercial:


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