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Where exactly is "VR P1 Zone" ??


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Hi everyone,

I'm getting high temp readings on "07-VR P1 Zone" in ILO, around or over 60C idle and over 70c under load. I want to try to get it down with some cooling solution.

But I haven't been able to figure out exactly where that is on the motherboard and what chips are involved, does anyone know?

What does VR P1 stand for anyway?

From the graph in ILO it looks like it should be somewhere between the LOM (lan) chip and the ILO chip, but I've already put a heatsink on the chip between those two which is about the same size as the LOM chip, and it doesn't seem to be that one? (Heatsink didn't help, also the LOM chip feels much warmer while at the same time getting more than 10 deg C lower temp readings)

thanks for any advice,


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The original image has been removed, so based on their descriptions, i have marked it out in the attachment.


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Ah, great, thanks for your help!

I really did try googling it, more than once, but apparently I don't know how to do that.. :-)




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