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Hello guys,


i use a hp gen 8 for plex streaming on freenas os.

I decided to switch from passive cpu fan to an akasa k25 , and a 30mmx30mm fan on chipset both connected on a pwm fan controller.

Temperatures with passive cooler on both side were 40°C for cpu and 55°/56°C for chipset.

Now with active fan on both side i read on Ilo 40°C on cpu a 44° on chipset.

Why on cpu i see no differences?

On pwm controller i have the possibility to regulate speed on cpu and chipset fans, but if i switch at maximum power on cpu i see no differences.

Cpu cooler have a good amount of Thermal paste, and i see a right contact between cpu and fan plate.

Is this correct, or there's a bug on Ilo information?

Sorry for my English and thanks for your support



Ilo firmware summary:

iLO 2.50 Sep 23 2016 System Board
Intelligent Platform Abstraction Data 0.00 System Board
Intelligent Provisioning 1.62.14 System Board
Redundant System ROM J06 11/02/2015 System Board
Server Platform Services (SPS) Firmware System Board
System Programmable Logic Device Version 0x06 System Board
System ROM J06 11/02/2015 System Board
System ROM Bootblock 02/04/2012 System Board
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What cpu do you have?

Are you getting 40C when idle ("computer doing nothing") or under stress (100% cpu)?

If it's when idle, you need to compare your temperatures under stress, use a program like Prime95 or CPU-Z - then you should see a difference.


On the other hand, if you were getting 40C under stress, that is an excellent result and it's probably not going to get much better than that. So if that's is case, then there was no point in replacing the cpu heatsink in the first place.



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Sorry Maroon2k i forgot to mention, cpu is celeron G1610T.

The 40° C are both doing nothing and during streaming music, even if i use to stream big flac file of 24bit amd 96khz tracks.

I never used stress softwares for cpu, i used only for network tests.

will try some script and mprime




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Well, with that cpu there is no point in upgrading the heatsink.

There is no meaning in trying to get any cpu cooler than 40C. That is very cool already.


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In fact my tests confirms your reply...

Well i have a passive heatsink for the ilo chip, why not to Mount it? :-)

i cutted from an old cpu heatsink, i have the 3m adhesive and i suppose that if system stay cooler the better is.

thanks and have a nice day




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The iLO CPU temperature monitor is always at 40 degrees C for some reason. Some have said it's because it isn't the CPU temperature but the temperature around the heatsink. It still seems strange to me though, as it doesn't matter if the ambient temperature is 15 degrees C or 40 degrees C, the CPU temperature monitor still shows 40 degrees C.

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