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Gen 8 Controller / HDD bay question


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Hi all, 

New to the forum and also New Gen 8 owner. I was hoping some one could clarify some info on the drive bays/on board controller. From what I have read so far, the 1st and 2nd bays are 6g and the 3rd and 4th are 3g (Sata speed?). I have also read somewhere that this is because of "wiring" (of the drive cage). Does this mean that if I added a SAS controller card (HP240 Smart Host) and connected the cable to it, the drives would still operate at those speeds? I just happened to have the HP240 lying around and thought this might improve the speed and allow me to use the onboard controller for boot and cache drives.

Opinions/input from those more experienced would be greatly appreciated!!!



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The speed of the SATA ports is due to the chipset used in the server. If you use the HP240 HBA all four bays will run at 6Gb/s.

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