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amber warning led - dead disk?


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Hi all,

This morning my Gen8 greeted me with a blinking amber colored led bar :-\

After some doodling inside the various HP tools, it became apparent that disk1 (15 months old) was defect or missing. (lovely conundrum...)

I took out the drive, and added it into a Win7 system to see what's up, and it shows as RAW now in the disk management tools.
Win7 immediately complained about a non formatted drive...
In the past I had a drive or two doing this, and one time was able to restore the drive back into ntfs, with the data recovered. Much to my surprise....

As this is a server disk, I'm not really want to do this, especially because I'm running RAID.
Anyone can chime in as to how this could happened, and how I can check if the drive is still OK, and this a nasty and unfortunate fluke.

As data related things go, it looks like the server will rebuild with a new disk replacement. Right?

Tips and tricks are welcomed,



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Sorry, should have added that as well...
Win2012R2 Ess. as the OS, the 4 drives are set up as RAID10, so a total of 6Tb of 'workable' disk space.

I downloaded the dldiag app from the WD website, and running a full diag on the disk now. That takes appr. 5 hours for the 3Tb of sectors ;)
Strangely enough the s.m.a.r.t. quick test didn't find anything, but I never ever found that remotely useful on a hd....



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As this drive was part of a RAID10 set chances are it would not be readable in a PC. Prior to pulling the drive did you look at iLo or the diagnostics in SSA? Many times that will point you to the error. Is the array rebuilding?

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I'm looking for a spare monitor cable atm, so I can boot the server and look at iLo messages as well.
I have to move server to monitor or vv... ;)

I have to admit I didn't look at the SSA diags, but did ran the other HP diagnostic tools on the server.
The extended HD disk check will be finished in about two hours, will wait for that before I plug it back into the server.
After that I will reboot the server and have a look at the iLo messages and SSA.

cheers for the answers so far.



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Hi again,

After a looong HD check it came out OK... So the drive seems to be fine according to the WD utility.. Saves me buying a new HD I hope.

So I put the disk back into the server, and rebooted into the SSA. According to the diag, logical drive 2 is queued for rebuilding.
I rebooted again and agreed on rebuilding the array. After restarting SSA it seems the array is rebuilding itself.

Will keep you posted on this.




p.s. Is this a fluke thing on the disk/array, or should I run a extended hardware test on the server?

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After quite some time the rebuild was done, and rebooted the server again.
Logged into SSA once more, and dumped the various SSA checks on disk, but cannot see any strange warnings in these logs.
Also ran a additional  'compare check' on a part of the data and backup, and both sets were identical.

So it looks like all is well again. Still would like to know what can trigger this, just to be on the look out for other 'nasties'. ;)



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Same amber light this morning. Now the same disk that was giving me issues before is 'kaput'.
Faulty from the start I guess. Bought a replacement, this will arrive tomorrow.

Note to all: check your logs once in a while, as it seems to contain interesting information..... ;) Duh!
Next time I will replace  a disk immediately, and not take any chances.



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